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Magazine of Professional Institutions

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Code of Practice

  1. Hayes, C. (Eds.) “Internal Corrosion Control of Water Supply Systems: Code of Practice” Becker, A.; Benoliel, M.; Bower, M.; Campbell, A.; Croll, B.; Gadoury, P.; Griggs, J.; Guan, X.; Hayes, C.; Jovanovic, D.; Jung, M.; Lin, Y.P.; Lytle, D.; Moore, M.R.; Postawa, A.; Prevost, M.; Russell, L.; Schock, M.; Tsang, D.C.W.; Triantafyllidou, S. (authors by alphabetical order), Metals and Related Substances in Drinking Water. ISBN: 9781780404547, International Water Association, London, UK, August 2012.

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